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Kiss the Ground Book


Marianne Williamson

Author, A Course in Miracles

"Food, soil, even eating itself…all are fundamental issues in the effort to live a more enlightened life. Kiss the Ground both informs and inspires, as it connects biology and geography and species diversity to the yearnings of the human heart."

Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor of California

“As we learn in this profound, timely, and important book, we can harness the carbon already in our atmosphere --- and replant it here on earth. A simple composting program and healthy soils can be a key weapon in saving our planet (from ourselves).”

Wolfgang Puck

World Famous Chef

"A fascinating, easy-to-follow blueprint for how eating in ways that nourish and regenerate the soil can not only help reverse global warming but also bring greater vitality to our lives."

Deepak Chopra

Author, Teacher

"Kiss the Ground gives us the most practical solution to reversing climate change. The soil is a vital and untapped resource. A must read for anyone committed to healing our bodies and our Earth."

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Woody Harrelson

Actor, Environmentalist

"A powerful, provocative new look at how we can all participate in honoring Mother Earth and the simple steps each one of us can take to restore the health of our bodies and our planet."

Terry Tamminen

CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and former Secretary of the California EPA

"Kiss the Ground, the book, shines a beacon of light on the growing global 'regenerative agriculture’ movement. With clear, accessible language, wit and humor, this book gives readers powerful tools to overcome humanity’s greatest challenge."

Vani Hari

New York Times Best Selling Author and Creator of

"The first book to connect our health to what is going on in the atmosphere. If you care about your kids, about the food you’re feeding them and about the future of the planet, you need to read this book. "

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.

Medical Director, the UltraWellness Center

"After diving into Kiss the Ground you’ll understand just how important it is to our survival to care about what we eat and how we grow food. This book is a must read."

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Josh Tickell is a Sundance Award Winning film director, bestselling author and thought leader in the fields of health, climate and alternative energy. In 1997, Josh’s vividly painted “Veggie Van” made headlines across the United States as it picked up used frying oil and turned it into fuel. His subsequent movie, FUEL, went to

theaters globally and was shown in the White House. Along with his co-directing partner and wife, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, as well as Executive Producer Leonardo DiCaprio and the Kiss the Ground nonprofit team, he is the co-writer, co-director and a producer of the upcoming documentary also titled KISS THE GROUND. 


In Kiss the Ground, author Josh Tickell takes on humanity’s greatest challenge: Climate Change. And along the way he delivers surprising insights into diet, health, nutrition and our relationship with food, each other and the planet. By focusing on the role of soil as the largest and most overlooked carbon sink on Earth, Kiss the Ground finds a new lens through which to view many of our problems and new tools to solve them. 


This book reverses, disrupts and totally abolishes all current thinking around FOOD and CLIMATE.


How the Climate Movement has missed the single most important thing that is happening on our Earth right now.

Why most of what you hear about your diet is wrong,

including the mantra of not eating certain meats.

How to eat well in spite of the harsh chemicals that are being

injected into most food.

A clear, concise plan for you, your family and loved ones around food and health will help you lose weight naturally, give you energy and vitality (and it saves the world too).


50% of the author’s residuals from the sale of the Kiss the Ground book* go to support the Kiss the Ground 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit which works to restore soils worldwide. 

Kiss the Ground Book


What You'll Get

Hardcover Copy of Kiss The Ground

Exclusive Bonus worth $149 –

  • a One-Hour Long Online Seminar &
  • Josh Tickell’s Regenerative Diet Guidebook


Special Access to Kiss the Ground events and sneak peaks of Kiss the Ground film clips

The Kiss the Ground Mobile App 






When will I get my copy of Kiss the Ground?

The hardcover, the eBook and the Audible audio book will all be available on November 14, 2017.

Is Kiss the Ground the name of this book, the nonprofit, the forthcoming movie or all three?

All three. The Kiss the Ground nonprofit which was co-founded by Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace gave the inspiration for both the book and the movie. 


What is the relationship between the Kiss the Ground book, the Kiss the Ground nonprofit and the Kiss the Ground movie?

Kiss the Ground is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to regenerating soils worldwide. While partially inspired by the Kiss the Ground nonprofit, the Kiss the Ground book was independently researched and written by Josh Tickell who approached Ryland Engelhart about the idea of using the same title and donating 50% of the proceeds of the book back to the nonprofit. The forthcoming Kiss the Ground documentary film is independently produced and directed by Josh and Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Bill and Laurie Berenson with input from the Kiss the Ground nonprofit team. The Kiss the Ground nonprofit is one of the investors in the documentary film.


How do I get my bonus once I’ve ordered?

As soon as you’ve ordered, click here and follow the instructions. You’ll need an email address and receipt number. Once you submit your info, we’ll send you a confirmation email and then we’ll email you your bonus materials.


Can I buy from any retailer and get the bonus?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to support your local bookstore. Whether you buy it in person or online, you’ll just need to keep your receipt. To get your bonus, you’ll need your receipt number.


I live overseas, can I still get my bonus?

Yes! As long as you have a valid receipt number you’ll follow the instructions and get your bonus via email.


Do I still get the bonus if I buy the eBook?

Yes. As soon as you’re done with your order, use your receipt number to claim your prize.


When will I receive my bonus?

If you pre-order your book, you will receive your bonus when the book is released on November 14, 2017. If you order after November 14, 2017, you will receive your bonus as soon as you confirm your email address and receipt number.



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*In the event that too few books are sold to cover the publisher’s cost of the advance, no additional monies will be earned by the author and therefore no proceeds will be donated to the charity in question.

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