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Join Dr. Bronners, Annie’s, Nutiva, Cafe Gratitude, ThriveMarket, and other change making companies in supporting KISS THE GROUND, a revolutionary book that shows how we can EAT FOR GLOBAL COOLING!

Bulk book-buy program has proven inspiring for executives, managers and employees who are seeking ways to empower themselves to do their part in reversing climate change.

After recent hurricanes and wildfires, there’s no denying it.
Climate Change is the greatest risk our civilization faces.
But can we really EAT OUR WAY out of it?


A growing number of scientists believe we can – find out how here:

Join the revolution alongside Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, Woody Harrelson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, The Engelhart Family (founders, Café Gratitude), The Rodale Institute, John Mackey, founder, Whole Foods, Woody Harrelson and many more.

How You Can Participate:
  • Buy books in bulk for your customers, clients, friends, and family.

  • Host a screening/book discussion for Kiss the Ground in your home or local community center

  • Book filmmaker/author and regenerative agriculture expert, Josh Tickell ( to speak to your corporate group.

There’s no time to waste, it’s our world to save.


Join us!


Taline Najarian

Manager of New Business Development, Strategic Partnerships & Premium Sales

Simon & Schuster

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New York, NY 10020

Tel: 212-698-7168

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