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Use Dirt to Reverse Climate Change.

Check out this video to learn how we can cool the planet with dirt.

Eat for anti-aging.

The regenerative diet is a way to eat that keeps you young, like 40+ year old Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in this Kiss the Ground 

Did you know there are now more obese people than there are undernourished people?

The secret behind America's obesity epidemic and how to reverse it entirely. Learn how we can combat global hunger and global warming in one fail swoop. 

What does agent orange, modern agriculture, and your diet have in common? 2,4-D.

The bad news? 1 in 4 Americans has this nasty chemical in their bodies.  Learn how you can avoid harmful chemicals and how a new form of agriculture could abolish the use of chemicals entirely. 

Can't seem to make meatless monday's a "thing"?

American's are eating more meat than ever before - but why is it actually bad? Instead of cutting it out of your diet entirely, here are some helpful tips for picking out meat that nourish your body, and the planet.

We are consuming more pesticides than ever before.

Learn about some foods you thought were healthy that are actually making you sick and why:

Are your eating habits making you and the planet sick?

Learn about a new method of farming that works in harmony with nature instead of against it while nourishing your bodies, and the planet. 

Farmers can make billions of $ and we can reduce and remove government subsidies.

 Here’s how: by becoming carbon farmers and selling their carbon credits

Millennials can get into farming and make money.

Millions of farmers are retiring now but millennials aren’t replacing them.

How to regrow California after the fires. PART 2

How we protect our land and prevent more fires from happening. 

How to regrow California after the fires.

It’s also how we protect our land and prevent more fires from happening

Do we need to stop eating meat?

Maybe we just need to get our cows out on pasture. Here’s the critical info on bison in America

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